Make a donation for Sihle’s funeral

Would you like to prove Sihle one last honor? That is possible! Make a donation for his funeral. We hope he is getting a beautiful ceremony. 15590680_1046756372100841_733006218488950060_oAs you know Sihle passed away last fridaynight. His funeral will be organized by Linda and Don this weekend. They have to pay R12.000 (iets meer dan 800 euro) to arrange the funeral. Therefor they get a beautiful casket, a tent for the ceremony, chairs for 200 people, 2 toilets, catering for 200 people and plates and cups for those people. The boys will dig the hole to prove Sihle one last honor and the girls will make dinner.

Linda-Jane from The Lunga Foundation en Margot from Stichting Jabuleni managed it to pay Don and Linda allready, so they could make the funeral possible in time. But, as you could expect, all donations are more then welcome. For the funeral of Sihle you can donate towards The Lunga Foundation: ING bank account: NL48INGB0006119565, BIC code: INGBNL2A t.n.v. Stichting Lunga Foundation. Do not forget to specify your donation. Put your name and funeral Sihle in the infoline.


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