New year, new uniforms!

Today Linda Mckenzie was sorting all uniforms for the kids for the new year at their school. She would like to thank all the sponsors, especially Linda Jane and Marco (Lunga Foundation) and Nienke and Chantal (Zulu Beadz). 

Linda Mckenzie on Facebook: “Shew What a job. Before and after sorting the uniforms. A huge THANK YOU to all who donated towards the uniforms so these kids can look so smart on their first day. A very big thank you to Linda Jane and Marco for all the hard work with fundraising. Love you all”. She also will say thank you to Nienke and Chantal from Zulu Beadz. “A very special thank you to our two angels from Zulu Beadz you two work tirelessly for these kids of ours. We miss you so much. much love from us all”.

The result

Later today Linda Mckenzie  on Facebook: “How smart do they look. My boys. Mzi our child going into grade 12 and little Panana going into grade 1. Shame the uniform is size four the smallest you can get and its huge. Guess who is sewing all day tomorrow. hahaha”.

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