Shekinah Rabbitry

The Owners of His Little Lambs, have now started a Rabbitry called Shekinah Rabbitry, whereby they are selling rabbits for either their meat or as pets. 20170611_164621.jpg

Shekinah Rabbitry was started so that we can support our orphanage, His Little Lambs, we started with 4 rabbits and we have now grown to over 100 rabbits (and still growing). The Rabbitry has been named Shekinah “The Light of God”, as it is in Him that we place our trust. We run an orphanage whereby we home and support up to and above 70 children. The Rabbitry is designed to help teach our children the responsibility of caring for animals as well as to help feed the children from the proceeds made by the sale of these rabbits, whether it be for the consumption of meat or as pets to those who would love to give these lovely creatures a forever home.

These rabbits are very special to all of us and they are each loved and well taken care of.

As we have worked with these amazing animals, it became obvious rather quickly that dealing with them has a very therapeutic effect.

They are not just animals, they can bring so much joy and love and even healing into your life.